nasaNASA: SMAP Science using Data Fusion: Forecasting Flash Drought to Flash Flood
Duration – 09/20-09/23


nasaNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory-Strategic University Research Partnership (SURP):
Linking the Texas Water Observatory with ECOSTRESS
Duration – 10/20-09/21


gates_foundation_logoBill and Melinda Gates Foundation:
Low Cost Paper Sensor for Surveillance of Cereal Crops.
Duration – 12/18-05/20


ARS logoUSDA-ARS (Agricultural Research Service):
Establishing the Texas A&M Texas Water Observatory (TWO) and USDA-ARS Partnership at the Riesel Watersheds, Riesel, Texas
Duration – 10/16-09/21


nasaRoot Zone Soil Hydraulic Property Estimation by SMAP



nasaA New Heterogeneity Triangle to Characterize Land-Surface Heterogeneity for estimating Near-Surface Soil Moisture beyond Darcy Scale


USACE_LogoDevelopment of Riverware Model of the Rio Grande for Water Resources Management in the Paso Del Norte Watershed



















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