Who we are?

The Vadose Zone Research Group at Texas A&M carries out research on a wide spectrum of topics related to the unsaturated zone. We handle projects in:

  • Water, heat, and chemical transport measurement and modeling in variably-saturated porous media ranging from core-scale to regional-scale
  • Measurement, scaling, and estimation of soil hydraulic properties
  • Preferential water flow and chemical transport through macroporous and fractured media
  • Spatial variability of soil hydraulic and transport properties in the context of deterministic/stochastic modeling
  • Watershed scale flow and transport modeling
  • Adaptive geostatistical and exploratory data analysis techniques
  • Soil moisture remote sensing, scaling, and ground validation
  • Geo-hydrological and geo-environmental applications
  • Surface water—groundwater interactions
  • Bio-geo-chemical cycling of contaminants
  • Addressing non-point-source resource management problems
  • Development and application of the state-of-the-art expert systems
  • Neural Network (NN) based pedo-topo-vegetation transfer functions (PTVTFs)
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Numerical forward and inverse models

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