Leah Marie Kocian


Personal webpage


Educational background

Ph. D. (Pursuing)
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

B.S., Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Texas A&M University (2019)

Academic CV

Industry Resume

Master Resume

Research Interests

Contaminant fate and transport; hydrology; machine learning; physics based modeling; remote sensing; soil water physics, chemistry and biology; preferential flow; and Superfund Sites.

Current Projects

Evaluating the Presence of Preferential Flow Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Algorithms (2019-2021)

Tracking Root Zone Contaminants in Agricultural Farms Near Texas Superfund Sites (2021-2024)

Awards, scholarships, & fellowships

  • (2017) REU Water Quality Research Fellowship from LSAMP: $5,000 scholarship to study abroad in Belgium awarded for work in my summer REU.
  • (2017) Alpha Epsilon Member: Awarded for displaying academic excellence and outstanding leadership within the major
  • (2019) Fully paid travel scholarship to study abroad in Mexico awarded for my efforts as a host to Mexico Exchange students.
  • (2019) Katy & Tony Sutherland Endowed Scholarship
  • (2019) Ben T & Mattie B Little Fund
  • (2019) CLAG BAEN DT Scholarship
  • (2019) COADC Calvin & Peggy Parnell Scholarship

Service and community engagement

  • (2015-Present) Star of Hope Mission volunteer for Christmas wrapping events and food distribution in cafeteria
  • (2020-Present) RStudio Course Instructor to TAMU students
  • (2021-Present) President of TAMU Graduate Consulting Club


  1. Mukherjee, M., Marie, L., Liles, C., Mustafa, N., Bullerjahn, G., Gentry, T.J. and Brooks, J.P., 2021. Elevated Incidences of Antimicrobial Resistance and Multidrug Resistance in the Maumee River (Ohio, USA), a Major Tributary of Lake Erie. Microorganisms9(5), p.911.

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